Management Audit

The management audit is an audit with objectives other than the classic financial audits, quality audits or environmental audits etc.,

The audit of the business management analyses of the company, its organisation, administration and accounting and financial systems, style and how to manage the company the tools and information available to management to manage the business and make decisions, the quality, productivity, efficiency in the manufacture of provision of services, processes and production processes and so on, to obtain the status of the current situation.

ACTIVO Auditors form an overview of the situation of the company, examines processes and situations that could be improved in any component of the organisation.

The parts that make up an audit of the organisation and management of the company are:

• Analysis of the global situation of the company.

• Assessment of all areas of the organisation.

• Analysis of policy management, administrative production and trade.

•Economic and financial analysis.

•Introduction of a strategic plan.

At the conclusion of the audit the findings which are presented will be considered and any actions that are necessary to improve the process will be submitted making corrections on any negative aspects found.

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